Why is Potential important?


Excerpted from Market Your Potential, Not Your Past

Last week, I shared with you what Potential is and how it connects to your ability to be relevant in today’s Social Economy.  Today, I want to share with you why potential is so important.

Your potential is a unique way to present your value proposition.  It includes what top talent can provide within a role in the workplace and the proof of past performance that promises those results. The key question, then, to discovering your potential is, “What do I want my career to be about and what makes credible sense for my next move?”

Once you have identified the answer to this question, then you have created a message that you can promote and a direction for your next move.

Outlining your potential, then, is to defined a method that will cull out those opportunities that do not meet your next move.  This method should not only assist you in determining which approach you should use to find your next opportunity but it galvanizes your with an inner philosophy and standard that fits well within target companies, identified  you and for whom you want to work.

Defining your market potential also answers the question of whether you are seeking a position that helps you find meaning and motivation in your next role.  Situations cannot and will not provide these key components.  No amount of leadership challenge can fulfill the inner desires of an executive expect when personal standards and ethics are identified for oneself.  Many today do not have this all important answer that creates a pleasantly full life including balance, meaning and purpose.

Lastly, discovering your potential gives you a theme that communicates your personal legacy for your next employer or within your current organization.  The outcomes of laying out your potential helps you crystallize what you will pass on to the next generation of leaders before you decide to leave, move up into that next role through promotion, or retire.  Sharing your knowledge and expertise with your direct reports, your employer or industry provides long-term satisfaction in your career.

Marketing yourself properly includes the intersection of what the marketplace wants and what you want, as well.  Marketing yourself includes drawing key decision-makers and influencers directly to you by incorporating your personally crafted message, derived from your understanding your potential, and utilizing a well-integrated system of strategies that provides opportunities, both long-term and short-term.

Most of the executives with whom I work find that the discovery of their personal leadership potential is exciting.  They begin to recognize who they truly are at the point in time when they really want to find a new direction, get unstuck, or just get motivated again.  With a fresh look at yourself, you can see new opportunities that you never saw before.  Suddenly you are on a newfound journey to success and personal fulfillment that adds to your legacy and jump-starts you – all over again.  Your personal dreams, maybe buried or even forgotten, now can seem achievable.

Potential is vital to discovering your marketing value but it is also a method of understanding who and what you are – now.

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