The Secret of Success Isn’t What Most Think

I recently attended a private conference with a few other coaches where the speaker said something that was truly amazing and it struck me so much that I need to share it with you.

He said, “If you are wondering whether you are going to succeed or not, you have already given yourself an ‘out.’”success-secret.jpg

That is one powerful statement!

If you are simply wondering whether or not you will be successful in anything that you are attempting to do, albeit moving up or out in your career, starting a new business, beginning an exercise program, or whatever, you’ve already failed. The very fact that you aren’t sure guarantees that you will not make it and fall short of your goals.

Think about that for a moment. The mere hint of wondering is THE indicator that you are not going to be successful!

So what’s the Secret to Success?

It’s very simple, actually. But it takes some discipline and changes in your current attitudes and behaviors.

First, you must require of yourself a total commitment.

You aren’t going to “try” or you aren’t going to “sure hope you’ll succeed.” Commitment means that success is the only option you will allow for yourself and you will do whatever it takes to reach your goals. No compromises.

But this, in and of itself, is not enough. Most people have commitment. But commitment won’t get you very far; it is only the beginning.

Second, you must employ strategies and tactics that ensure you will succeed.

If you aren’t sure or don’t know, then you must find out what strategies really work and what tactics you must employ. If you’ve tried, and given something all of your effort in the past and you still didn’t make your goals (and be honest, now!), then it may be that you need to change your approach.

If something didn’t work in the past, are you absolutely sure you know why it didn’t work, particularly if you were truly committed?

Finally, you have to have on your desk each day what you will do so that you can succeed for that day.

Each night, you need to get yourself ready so that the next morning there is no question about what you are going to do because it is all laid out for you the night before. Many walk into the day responding to crises, demands, and urgent requests and before they know it, the day is done and nothing was accomplished. To achieve your goals, you must not let this happen.

Outline what you must do the night before. I call these “High Value Activities” and make sure they are front and center on your desk so that, before you fire up your laptop, you have a game plan set out for yourself. Then, focus your first hour of the day (still not turning on your email or social sites) working to achieve your defined High Value Activities.

Don’t give yourself any wiggle room; no options, no compromise. No B.S.

The Key To Success Isn’t What You Think It Is

Success is not about results. Getting results is an outcome of being successful.

Success is about momentum and momentum is a function of how you feel about achieving your goals. How you share your time, talents, and treasures in pursuit of your dreams is what really matters. Everyday how you show up is important. And what you do consistently do every day by giving yourself your personal best is what guarantees that you feel better about your journey, you gain momentum you desire in your life and you arrive at the place you want to be.

The point is clear. If you want to have the life and career that you truly envision, then you need to make your days count intentionally – without leaving any room for doubt.

Questions to Ponder:
  • Have you given yourself some “outs” in your life?
  • Have you made the necessary transformation to realize your dreams and move ahead in your life?
  • What baby steps today, right now, have you planned to accomplish that will cause you to be wildly successful and fulfilled in your life?
  • If you are not doing those things that propel you into your future, what are you waiting for?


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