Micro-Trend #1

Demand for Senior Executive Talent Continues Despite Financial Market Turmoil

“Management hiring in technology has picked up over the last few months, despite the overall general economic slowdown,” says Dan Grosh, a managing director of Boyden San Francisco. “It appears as if there’s a ‘protective bubble’ in Silicon Valley, and the competition for top talent is as fierce as ever.”

What is in demand, however, is changing rapidly. No longer can employees rely on past skills, roles or projects to define their careers and their unique marketing value proposition. With the destruction of work along functional lines and expectation of individuals to impact results across different departments, those who seek to be “in demand” need to continually upgrade and extend their expertise beyond traditional roles. For example, project managers who traditionally manage new product rollouts are also being asked to understand the impact upon marketing trends, revenue and sales, as well as to contribute to customer engagement.

How does one stay in demand and on top of these changes?

The Bottom Line:

First, don’t focus on your current role and skills to understand whether your talents are viable. Instead, look at the industry’s challenges. Go beyond the job postings and listen to trend-setting CEOs and industry leaders to identify those challenges. That means you need to read between the lines, synthesizing what the thought leaders are saying beyond tactical impacts. Then, think about your current work and define how you’ve addressed these major challenges at work, including how that solution has impacted revenue, increased market share, or provided return to investors or stockholders. If you don’t know, go back and find out.

Here are a few questions to get you started:

  • What challenges does your industry face? Who are the innovators in your industry? What are they saying about these challenges?
  • Have you faced these challenges in your job? How did you solve these challenges, and how did you lead your group through them?
  • What makes your solutions and directions vital to the success of a company? What impact can you point to? Why should anyone care?

These are important questions that you must answer to be able to ride this trend and keep yourself viable in a rapidly changing economic environment.

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