The Secret of Success Isn’t What Most Think

I recently attended a private conference with a few other coaches where the speaker said something that was truly amazing and it struck me so much that I need to share it with you. He said, “If you are wondering whether you are going to succeed or not, you have already given yourself an ‘out.’” […]

Ch-ch-ch Changes!

We all go through change from time to time. Whenever we start something new or when we end something, we go through a process of change. Change can either be abrupt, such as a layoff or a divorce or a death. Or change can be gradual, such as preparation for a promotion, moving to another […]

Transferable Skills

A “transferable skill” is defined by the market, or buyer, and not by the candidate, or seller. Today, whenever I hear a leader who states that they believe their skills can transport across industries, I gently ask him/her, “How do you know they are transferable? Who told you that they are?” As an executive, you […]

Why a Slow Economy is Really Better for Your Executive Career

I am not an economist. But I do remember the 1990s (the first half, anyway) where growth was slow, about 2 to 3 percent per year.  This was before the Internet took off and before we all got connected online.  If we rip out a page from that time frame, we can see overall benefits […]

How You Can Market Your Potential and Successfully Advance Your Career

Executives are always seeking ways in which to distinguish themselves from other executives.  I suggest that executives identify and market their potential in their quest to uncover career opportunities.  In a recent Q & A interview with a major publication, I answered some key questions that arose out of the interviewer reading my book, Market […]

The Purpose of A Sabbatical

Hello, everyone!  I’m back from my time in Europe and jumping back into work with gusto, energy, and excitement. And that surprises me.  Really. I’m a driven kind of person, focused on performance, goals, and outcomes.  In the past, whenever someone said that they were going on a sabbatical, my thoughts ran along the lines […]

The Value of Structure

The #1 question I’m always asked in more than 300 strategy sessions that I conduct every year is: “How do I structure a campaign that makes sense and keeps me moving forward?” This question is key whether you are in transition or have a current job! In my opinion, most coaches do not have a […]

Micro-Trend #2

Shortage of Qualified Top Professionals Will Continue Throughout the Decade In company after company, many top-level roles remain unfilled, and will remain so for quite some time. Many companies will continue to morph and change what is required to get maximum results for each newly created job. Marc Margolis addressed this “sea change” in The […]

Micro-Trend #1

Demand for Senior Executive Talent Continues Despite Financial Market Turmoil “Management hiring in technology has picked up over the last few months, despite the overall general economic slowdown,” says Dan Grosh, a managing director of Boyden San Francisco. “It appears as if there’s a ‘protective bubble’ in Silicon Valley, and the competition for top talent […]

Friendship Marketing — Part II

Last time, I shared the first part of my answer to Justine’s question:  “How can I maximize my contact list and make sure that I am tapping into the opportunities out there while I am working?” Today, I’ll dive into this topic a bit deeper. Friendship Marketing includes the concept of nurturing.  To nurture, according […]